31 Jul 2017

My Personal Goals

An overview of Neha's goals throughout time.

Macro Level Goals (August 2017)

  • Be a giving person on a regular, day-to-day, basis.
  • Get addicted to exercising (in a good way).
  • Find a life partner.
  • Be humble and committed to self-improvement.
  • Be forgiving & caring in close relationships.
  • Be a good daughter.
  • Treat my body really well.
  • Be emotionally resilient.
  • Have an awesome blog! 😛

Macro Level Goals Quantified

Because I believe in clarity and a certain degree of quantification, I’ve included the section below to clarify what each objective above means.

The definitions may vary in precision (for example, I find the goal of regulate emotions better incredibly hard to quantify because I don’t know the upper limit of achievement)but I think I have a good sense of assessing myself by them as they are defined below, and I think that’s all that matters.

P.S. If you think something crucial is missing from the list, let me know! There’s a comments section below or message/email me ([email protected]) for a bit of goal diversity and extra perspective. 🙂

Be a giving person, on a regular, day-to-day, basis.

  • Actively listen and scan for opportunities to help others achieve their goals. This is literally being a radar detector for helping others, in small but meaningful ways. This could be putting them in touch with a friend, having their resume referred, giving them advice, or sending them a set of links on something they’ve expressed worry or interest in.

  • In a work context, if it comes down to individual performance versus generosity, favor generosity. It’s erring on the side of helping the team, not the individual.

Get addicted to exercising (in a good way).

  • Seeing exercise as a part of life, like brushing my teeth or flossing, and not as an optional chore or decision. This, I think, comes with doing what it takes to build a permanent habit of exercise.

Find a life partner.

Be humble and committed to self-improvement.

  • This is being aware of the things you struggle with and having 2-3 areas to improve in mind in whatever period of time you’re in. It’s also focusing on the next 2-3 things you have to work on rather than over-celebrating what you’ve achieved so far.

Be forgiving & caring in close relationships.

  • During moments when it’s tempting to hold a grudge or be unkind, opt out of that for the sake of yourself and the other person. Over time, people tend to reciprocate how you act towards them, so this is in effect, ensuring you’ll be treated well when you screw up. Plus, it’s just a 100x better relationship to be in.

Be a good daughter.

  • Call parents at least once a day.

  • Once I have the financial capability, buy them an all expenses paid trip to somewhere really, really, really nice — for example Hawaii or Italy.

Treat my body like a temple.

  • Focus on eating healthy to unhealthy foods in a 9:1 ratio.
  • Use your posture corrector regularly and focus on having good posture while sitting and standing; taking regular breaks to stretch your neck.
  • Sleep a minimum of 7 hours a day.
  • Exercise! (See exercise goal above)

Regulate emotions better.


Ranks determined on a scale of 1-10 representing effort.

Overall Current Status Goals Progress (Aug-2016) Progress (Aug-2017) Comments
😄 Generosity 2 9 Hugely leveled up.
👎 Exercise 1 1 Stuck on level couch potato 😕
👎 Life Partner 1 1 0 time dedicated to this. Level up in the works.
😄 Humility / Self-improvement 8 8 Always a priority. . .
😄 Filial duty 6 8 Better but room for improvement.
👎 Treat body well 3 4 Marginal gains; LOTS of room for improvement.
👎 Emotion regulation 3 3 LOTS of room for improvement.
😄 Blog 3 10 A finally realized long-term dream!

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